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Hi Dear friends,
A self introduction done without any sort of nervousness is always something which is looked up as a scale of your confidence and how well you can communicate with someone. When you really introduce yourself well, you are applauded and appreciated amidst others.


When would you have a need to do self introduction?


* When you just meet your relatives in a family get together

* When you attend an interview

* When you get to social media or start a business through social media

* When you advertise your firm and platform in public

* When you do a presentation at school, college, seminar or when you do a presentation on behalf of your company you need to do self introduction

* When you are in a very big event to perform something or in a convention

* Probably in your Spoken English Class

A tailor-made SELF INTRODUCTION done by you is always the best to have for oneself and you probably might alter it with slight variations according to the event or situation.
So how to go about it,

* You can and must start up with greetings which could either be formal or informal, it could be either Good Afternoon, Good Morning, Good Evening,…. with respect to formal manner and it could be Hi, yo, hello,… in an informal manner.
* Then is the must mention “Name” 
* Thirdly, get to go with your location….. Add on I come from Hoogly, Amsterdam or even I’m from Hoogly, Amsterdam.
Yet an alternate way is you can use continuous tenses like I have been living in Amsterdam for the past 7 years, that is even more specific. I have spent the past 7 years in Amsterdam is also a solid choice to use.
* This is high time and apt to mention what you do or what work you are doing or what profession you have been doing right then. It is upto you to mention which company you are working for. It could be something like….
I am the safety manager at Turex.
I work in a pharmaceutical firm.
I am a guest lecturer.
* When it is going to be in an interview or in a situation where you have to mention your qualification then at this juncture you could ideally add in what is your educational qualification….
I have done my post graduation in mechanical Engineering.
I have just now graduated.
I hold a diploma in medicine.
I hold a degree in Bachelor of commerce.
I am a Physics postgrad.
* Down the line now you need to elaborate about the kind and amount of experience you have in your field.
I have 10 years experience in handling cardiac patients.
I have 5 years experience in teaching English to children.
* Now finally move on to just hint on your family. A primary data will do.
We are four in our family.
I am one of the four siblings in our family.
I am a single child.
I am the only daughter to my parents.
* The extra add ons could be you could give a short note on your hobbies, just say what you love doing in your leisure time….
I am a big fan of cycling.
I just love playing tennis.
* Certain areas like mentioning your age or where you stay all is subjective to your situation and the need. This is a whole enough chunk to elegantly introduce yourself to one or many in an interview, audience, public platform or social media…. whatsoever…..
I guess with all these primitive data I have mentioned here you could beautifully tailor a great and crisp self introduction for you according to the necessity.
Hope you found all of it helpful,
Catch you soon,