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Hi All,

Glad to catch you up with such an essential and light topic of how to converse as a mother in the parent teacher meet of your kid.


Guess, many of you would have felt shy, nervous or uneasy to attend the parent teacher meet of your kid just for the simple reason that you don’t know much English or that you are not fluent in English. 

I guess language can never be a barrier to discuss the growth, educational progress of your child. Let me share a common or basic conversation between a parent and teacher here today. Just to give you some confidence and you can also improvise on this basic conversation and use it meticulously at your child’s school or college.








Here we go,

* As always you could begin or initiate the conversation with regular greetings with a glad smile cordially. Well, that is a great gesture I guess.


* Once they greet you back you can introduce yourself to the teacher with phrases like


  I am the father/mother/parent of Petrichia/Patrick.



* Once they get you seated how can you initiate your conversation relevant to a parent-teacher meet.


  How is my son/daughter performing ma’am/sir?

  How is my child doing in his studies?

  How is my child studying?



Throughout a meet of this kind you can carry a body language which elegant, confident, subtle and absolutely not irritable or nosy no matter how your child has performed. There is no need of any sort of loud gestures or emotions when it comes to a parent teacher’s meet. Well, this can widely help your child to create and develop a good approach and attitude in their studies and show consistency and progress. I personally follow and suggest this kind of approach and it has earned me a lot of respect and made my daughter too become more responsible and concentrate well in her studies. That is absolutely what we as parents shall look for ultimately apart from the core point of discipline.


As a result you will surely get an overwhelming good name and mark sheet from your children. After all, you cannot earn anything by quarreling/grumbling in a parent-teacher meet. Only that you can strongly and politely convey what you expect from the side of the teacher to assist and guide the child.



* Now getting back to the point. Once you get to glance through the results/marks….

If your kid is probably a good academic performer you could go ahead with sentences like…


  I guess she/he has done well this time. I am glad he has shown great progress this time. 

  I am so much satisfied with his scores and performance this time.



* Well, at times sometimes it could like topsy-turvy. Your kid might have scored poorly may be due to lack of concentration or lack of attention from parent’s side or playfulness or may be due to illness at times. Here, if that is the case these sentences would be really apt.

You can just begin saying,


  I’m quite worried actually about her/his marks this time. She/He is finding hard to cope up with the core subjects. I guess she/he needs help.


  I’m in fact, worried about her/his performance this time. She/He is facing difficulty with the core subjects. I would be glad if you could guide her/him through the core subjects.



* These are the most pleasant ways to straight forwardly communicate what you feel about your child’s performance.



Definitely there would more of enquiries or queries from the end of the teacher as to who guides the child while studying or assists the child, how long does she/he play, is the child interested more in co-curricular activities and so on…… Yet this would be the most acknowledged tone to carry throughout your teacher’s meet to get the best for your kid.

* After the teacher either feels glad about your remarks or is willing to guide your child to overcome her/his hurdles in scoring more you could sign and pen down your feedback.



* You could even finally add on to just get you informed about the update of your child and his progress constantly either through phone calls or messages and Thank the staff and leave.



I guess these little parent-teacher meet conversation suggestions would have been helpful to you to make you get an idea as to how you could connect and respond in a parent-teacher meet in a quite comfortable and simple manner.


Catch you soon,