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Hi Dear Friends,

I am Janet, intensely passionate about teaching English. I am an English tutor, Engineer, blogger and content writer. I am thoroughly professional in my speaking, reading and writing skills. I always exhibit and value flawlessness in English. In my blog I provide you the simplest ways and tiny, easy procedures to learn to Speak Good English either to help your career, self confidence or personal life.

Learning to speak English has quite a while been projected as a giant challenge. Must convey that learning to speak English is an over rated concept, whereas the reality is you need focus, perseverance and self confidence as the key ingredients to just crack it. Throughout my journey of spreading English knowledge, what I could sense and feel as the reason causing the delay of the process and a major hinderance for many to speak good English is the lack of self confidence, will power and the utmost fear of being ridiculed. To unveil all this insecurity I want to absolutely lend you my helping hand to guide you through this beautiful process of learning to speak English language.

I own an experience of doing this online and offline for more than around twelve years. There lies my accountability. I have come across people both qualified and skilled who lose phenomenal opportunities just due to the lack of their communication skills, which has cost a lot in their lives. Coming up as a remedy and a support system for you dear friends, sharing with you here on my blog all about English…..

Here introducing my blog Learn English at ease as the ideal and non-agitated free platform for you all to earn the essential confidence and Start speaking English fluently.


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Happy English learning,