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Why Learn To Speak English: 7 Best Reasons

Why Learn To Speak English: 7 Best Reasons

Learning a language is a hobby, but it is more than just a necessity for English.But you may ask, “Why learn to speak English?”  You could know several languages of the world, but if English isn’t one of them, you will still face many difficulties. There are many reasons why learning to speak English is so much needed in our present world. In this article, we will take a look at some of them.

Why Learn To Speak English: 7 Best Reasons

To Communicate Worldwide

With 400 million native speakers and around 2 billion worldwide, English has been recognized as the international language for a good reason. The purpose was to have a common language that could unify the world and reduce the communication barrier to a great extent.

In a foreign country, you will need to be able to communicate with local people to get by. Learning to speak English means you’re learning to speak the language of the world. No matter which country you go to, you’re certain to find people who speak English, which will help you establish communication with the natives there. Whether it’s for asking directions, reporting an issue you’re facing at the hotel, ordering food, or learning about history, English will come in great handy.

To Study at the Best Universities  

Some of the world’s top universities include Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Imperial College London. All these universities are based in English-speaking countries; hence, most of the curriculum is also in English.

In fact, when it comes to higher studies, most universities of the world design their curriculum around English. This is to accommodate international students and also because the majority of the books by the best writers are written in English. So to pursue higher studies and earn degrees that will be important for your career, you must know English and be fluent in it.

In fact, when applying to foreign universities, you must undergo the IELTS or SAT exams. These are also entirely based in English. IELTS will test your speaking, listening, and writing skills, so you must have complete control over your English.

To Broaden Your Career Options

If you know English, you won’t have to keep yourself limited to local jobs. The best jobs in any country require English skills as a mandatory quality for their employees—especially multinational companies and business companies. The reason is obvious: communication with a wider audience is required in these jobs. You won’t even be qualified to apply for a large-scale job without English proficiency.

Another huge advantage of knowing English is that you can participate in freelancing jobs from different corners of the world while staying at home. Most freelancing jobs tell you to have perfect English skills and knowledge of different software as a basic requirement. Learning English is very important to increase your options and have scope for career progression.

To Fully Participate in the Internet

English is the language of the Internet because English is commonly spoken all over the world. The internet has turned the whole world into a global village, and to communicate with fellow citizens, you’ll need to understand and speak English. Of course, you can use your language too and rely on the auto-translation option provided in most social media apps these days, but that will still limit your participation to a great extent.

The internet is the place of various important and entertaining discussions. It is a place where you can make friends from any corner of the world and learn about them. In order to stay updated on current world affairs, you’ll need to be a regular member of the internet. But if you’re not good at English, you will miss out on all the fun.

To Better Access to Scientific Papers

These days, almost every scientific paper is written in English. This is because many papers are written in collaboration with foreign scientists, with whom English is the common language of communication. Moreover, to make the research accessible and understandable to everyone, using English is naturally the ideal option.

Some papers are translated, especially once they become popular. But there is no guarantee that they will be translated into your language. Nor will every single research paper be translated into other languages. So, in the end, the only way you can read them is by knowing English. It will save you a lot of trouble, and there won’t be any risk of things getting lost in translation.

To Conduct Business on a Large Scale

Nowadays, businesses are no longer confined to a small area. All businesses try to expand themselves to a larger scale, sometimes even beyond the country. If you are in the business industry, you cannot hope to survive without basic English knowledge.

Marketing is done almost entirely in English because it’s the language everyone can understand. Everything related to promotions, especially promotions on social media, is done in English to reach a wider audience and spread the word further. Knowing English and communicating flawlessly and confidently in English is the sign of a good businessman or businesswoman.

To Get the Opportunity to Enjoy Various Cultures

Thanks to there being a common language to connect the world, it is now possible to enjoy contents from any culture from anywhere you want by overcoming the language barrier. You won’t have to keep yourself limited to the tiny box of local films or wait for dubs of popular foreign films. If you understand English, you can watch Hollywood movies, the world’s largest film industry.

Not only Hollywood movies, you can watch movies from different countries too. Many foreign movies come with English subtitles these days, so you won’t have to know their language to watch them. You just need to know how to read and understand English, and you can enjoy it as much as someone who knows the language. This, of course, applies to music and books as well!

As you can see, English will help you out in many sectors of life. So the sooner you start learning, the better!

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