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Weird Phrases in English for Daily conversation

Hey All,

Today it is going to be all about a slightly different topic as such “WEIRD PHRASES IN ENGLISH FOR DAILY CONVERSATION”

1.  To scarf down – To gobble up food.

I scarfed down my dinner because I was too hungry after a long day.

2. To squirrel away – To save something or hide something.

I bought some presents for Jane in October and I squirreled them until December.

3. To chicken out – to decide not to do  something out of fear.

She wanted to go sky diving but she chickened out at the last second.

4. To Beef up – to improve something. 

I beefed up my speech because there were some errors.

5. To clam up – hide or to say nothing

The robber clammed up when the police asked him where he hid the money.

6. To flip out- collapsing or lose control of your emotions

It could even be used as freaked out. 

She flipped out when she realised that she missed her phone.

7. To gross out – to be disgusted with something or someone

My colleague is always trying to find ways to gross me out.

8. To space up – to not pay any sort of attention or in fact to day dream

Last week during my chemistry class I just spaced out as it started to rain suddenly.

9. To lighten up – to make certain things sound less serious and make it light

Hey just lighten up it’s ok that you did not clear this class test.

Always these kinds of weird phrases can make your conversations more interesting, healthy and admirable.

Hope you try experimenting all these during your future conversations…

Catch you soon,