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Hello All,


Today with the most important part in Speaking English….. where we always have an unavoidable need to explain all our deeds, day-to-day activities and tasks……. All I talk about here is VERBS…. Verbs in general are action words……



Now let get into action and know better on “VERBS”


It is time that we know a set of few verbs and their meaning or uses….. here we go…..


In general words which describe any sort of action or state of being are called as verbs…. To make it clear and precise…. 







1. Tanu eats chocolates.  

2. Manu drinks tea.

3. He is an actor.

4. He is smart.

5. Sheny walks her dog.

6. I am thinking.

7. She is driving the car.

8. He is preparing the dinner.

9. Betty was writing her essay.

10. Yashu cooks delicious pasta.

11. She kept the file in the rack.

12. He cleans his spectacles everyday.

13. Taju rinses the meat with vinegar.

14. He chopped the onions.

15. The rat ran very fast.

16. She wrote the exam very well.

17. It is raining heavily.

18. He is watching the television.

19. Akash is playing soccer. 

20. He is fidgeting with his pen.

21. They brought nuggets for evening snack.

22. They are blending the clay.

23. Helen grabbed the sweets.

24. I broke the glass.

25. She was beating the boy.


Well, all these sentences include verbs that are action words and also “be” verbs such as is, am, are,….. 


Just as always all these verbs are the words which keep the sentences active and happening with their actions….


Note that all these verbs used here are all in past, present, present continuous and so on…..


Try all these type of sentences with your own choice of actions and use the appropriate verbs for your sentences…. conveying the correct meaning……. 


Catch you soon,