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The best words and expressions to express pain

The best words and expressions to express pain


Do you ever feel so upset, because you don’t know how to deal with the painful, unpleasant emotions raging inside your head and heart? This can be a difficult patch in one’s life, and having the right vocabulary or expressions can help you deal with it much better.

It is good that you take a moment each day to write down a few lines about how you are feeling.

You can gain a deeper understanding of your pain by taking some time to sit down and write about how you are feeling. What if you find yourself speechless when that time comes? 

Pain, whether physical or psychological, is accompanied by a sense of loss and grief because what we once knew has changed. We need to alter our way of being in the world, including the words and language we use. Finding the right words to circle or check off can help us rebuild our confidence and regain the sense of self we had lost due to our suffering.

This article will help us with the right vocabulary to express our pain.

Words for physical pain

The pain can be chronic or acute if it is in a body part

Acute pain is a sudden onset and a known cause (e.g., a broken bone, a cut, childbirth). Acute pain typically subsides after six months and ends when the source of the pain is identified. Chronic pain persists after the primary cause has been treated for longer.

For instance, arthritis, backache, and migraine can be chronic pains. 

You can use the words listed here as examples to describe how your chronic or acute pain feels.

A dull ache, burning pain, cold sensation, persistent electric shock, throbbing, pins, and needles, sharp\shooting \spasms, splitting, stabbing, tender, tingling, and intense.

People use different words to share their experiences of pain. 


When the pain is worse enough to make one feel sick, it can be called a sickening pain. For instance, “There is a sickening pain in my stomach. It feels like my stomach walls are churning. I might vomit anytime soon.”

This conveys that the speaker is not feeling well. 


The word “throbbing” is specifically used for headaches, usually describing how the temples feel when one suffers from a headache. 

“I have a throbbing headache. I can’t tell you how my temples feel. Just put a finger here, and you will know what I am saying.”

It conveys intensity. 


People usually use this word when they feel a surge of pain rising in an organ of the body. This is usually associated with muscular spasms whenever you have a bad muscle pull.

“The athlete is unable to play. He says he has a shooting pain in his left arm and shoulder.”

This word conveys the movement of the pain. 


Mostly used by females when they are menstruating, cramping is a common word to express pain. 

“I constantly prepare for the worst, particularly when I’m about to get my period. I need to acquire some prescription medication every month to deal with my severe cramps during this time.

When you are at a loss for words to convey agony in your muscles or abdomen, cramping is the ideal solution.

The best words and expressions to express pain


It can be quite interesting that the word “burning” describes the pain in the best possible way. This kind of feeling might seem similar to the sensation of burning. It is most commonly used with a toothache. 

“I get this burning pain in my left row of teeth because of being exposed to cavities since I was a young child. I don’t know what to do when the pain starts. It is agonizing.”


The word usually describes sudden bouts of pain that may start and end independently. 

“Since being rear-ended by my automobile on the way home from work, I have felt stabbing pains all over my body. The pain may not always be present, but when it is, it always comes suddenly and strongly.”

With the aid of this word, you may more easily visualize the kind of constant, excruciating pain you might experience due to a terrible incident.


With these words in your vocabulary bank, I am sure you can easily tell how painful the experience is. Keep learning new words and expressing yourself in the best possible way.