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Hey All,

Glad catching you up with a little cuteness today…


Let us peep into them one on one……


1. Pretty 

This is probably the most common way to say beautiful..

She looks pretty in this blue dress.


2. Gorgeous.

This is quite often used these days when someone looks just too good or great…. thoroughly and unexplainably beautiful..








On the wedding day Sara just looked gorgeous.


3. Stunning

This is the way to express beautiful when something/someone looks unbelievable…


The actress presented herself stunning in a velvet ball gown at the award ceremony.


4. Attractive

This could be used as a substitute for beautiful when someone dresses up or comes up with great decoration in an appealing attire…… may be vibrant too..

The diamond pendant she wore was so attractive.


5. Lovely

This is in fact the most simplest and elegant way of saying beautiful….

It is such a lovely scene.




6. Radiant

This is almost close to be more attractive, may be a bit vibrant too…

That car looks radiant.


7. Fantastic

This is a way to express that someone is looking a way too good…. almost great in size, looks and shape….. dressed up in great clothing….

You just look fantastic.


8. Amazing

This is the same as fantastic…..

You look amazing.


9. Fabulous

Fantastic and fabulous are very close in meaning to beautiful….

The decor looked fabulous.


10. Perfect

This is used when something/someone looks close to picture perfect…

She looked perfect in that occasion.




11. Awesome

This has become the latest trending way of expressing beautiful….. almost many of us have become immune to this word….

The wall painting looked awesome.


Oh! I just really had a beautiful time discussing the better ways of saying beautiful…. the synonyms of beautiful today with you….

I just loved it…


Catch you with more English stuff constantly….