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Hey All,

English as we are daily it here in my blog…. as to how to learn and use it on a daily basis today it is about how to use English in a grocery store…

1. I went through the parking lot and I picked up a buggy in the grocery store.

Parking lot – The place where you park your cars. 

Buggy – Shopping cart (A cart to gather the things we’ve picked)

Grocery Store – The place where you buy fruits, vegetable and kitchen items.(Pronunciation :- gros-ery/ grosh -ry)

Then I went to the first stop and picked some free fruit snack. Later I bought some fruits and vegetables from produce section.

Produce Section – The section where you can buy fruits and vegetables.

3. I bought some bagged produce and loose produce from the produce section.

Bagged Produce – Items packed in a bag for sale.

Loose Produce – Items kept freely for sale.

4. I also bought some cupcakes. Later I bought some locally made hummus along with fresh cuts of meat. 

Hummus – A food item
Locally made – Made within a city or a village by a group of people.

5. All the bananas are kept for sale and the oranges are on sale.

For sale- It means that the food is being sold in the shop with no discount.

On sale – It means that the food is being sold in the shop at discount.

6. The chips were placed in the end cap on aisle 4 ( pronunciation – eye-lu) so I decided to get them at last.

end cap- In the end of the grocery store or shop

Aisle – floor

7. I checked out for some eggs in the diary section.There were also some refrigerated stuffs in the diary section.

Diary section – The section where diary products like milk, curd and eggs are kept for sale.

Refrigerated – Stuffs that are kept in the refrigerator for chill temperature.

8. I splurged some white plain yogurt  because I needed yogurt that badly. 

Splurged – Spending money freely or too much.

 9. I then bought some gloves from the grocery store because I didn’t want to go to the Lowes again.

Lowes – Hardware store

10.  After that, I went to the check out counter. There were a lot of snacks and junk food waiting for me at the checkout counter.

Check counter – The place in the grocery store where you bill the items and pay the money.

11. The items where going down the conveyor belt and the lady at the check counter was scanning the items.

Conveyor belt – a continuous moving band which carries things from one place to another.

12. After paying, I loaded the grocery into the car. Then, I drove the car back to home and unloaded the groceries.

I guess it would have been just an amazing experience to all of you out there…. Start experimenting with using all these English grocery terms in your grocery shopping experiences sand please do share it with me in the comments section.

Catch you soon,