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Hey All,

   It is all the way a very happy feeling when we just get to talk about the rainy season. Rains all the while keep bringing us happiness to a great extent. 


Did you pretty much know that there were so many idioms related to rains….

Let us today enjoy learning all of them just like the rains….


Must tell you I just got reminded of these idioms as I am enjoying the showers of rain with my mug of coffee… 


Well, as a disclaimer I wish to get you informed that all these following idioms I am sharing here with you are not ones which are supposed to be used only during rains, they could be used all through at any time in general……


Listing the idioms using rain here below…






1. To rain on someone’s parade

This means trying to spoil or cause disaster or ruin to someone’s plans… It directly means to turn down someone’s excitement…..


It’s your brother’s wedding, do not rain on his parade with your bad comments.

Our dad rained on our parade by chaperoning our school event.



2. To rain check

This means in quite a decent way to decline or deny accepting an invitation…


I have got to prepare for my board exams, do you actually mind if I take a rain check for the party tonight.

I am thinking to rain check as I’m caught up with my project work.




3. Rain down on 

This means to just comment on or criticize either in a positive or negative way….. and do it continuously…..


My swimming coach rains down on me with his harsh remarks, no matter how well I perform in the competitions.

Her granny rains down on her with arrogance very often.




4. Right as rain

This means to be accurate,…. that much correct…


Benny was as right as rain about how their business would end.

This means Benny had predicted it that well…..

My father’s prediction about my cousin’s attitude was as right as rain.



5. To be rained in 

This means to be forcibly made (forced to) stay inside their home or indoors because of the weather conditions…


It was quite a sultry day and now we are rained in for the afternoon.

I guess we will be rained in today, so let us order some food from outside at the earliest.



6. It’s raining cats and dogs.

This means that it is actually raining very heavily….. raining very hard…..


Merlin will have to cancel the inauguration event, it’s raining cats and dogs.

I have to rush home to pick up the clothes dried on the terrace before they get wet.


Was that all…..

These are not the only ones…. there are many more left…… I shall share it with you all in my next post……


Catch you very soon….