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Revamp Your Vocab: Embrace The Trendy English Words Of The Year And Elevate Your Communication Skills!

Revamp Your Vocab: Embrace The Trendy English Words Of The Year And Elevate Your Communication Skills!

The English language is constantly evolving with new and trendy words and phrases in this emerging era. Words are powerful tools you use to express your thoughts, ideas, and emotions, reflecting the current conditions.

The language and culture intersect, creating dynamic words and revealing profound insights into English. Whether it’s technology, social media, or scientific experiments, these words allow you to capture the essence of the time and convey it with trendy English words.

Revamp Your Vocab: Embrace The Trendy English Words Of The Year And Elevate Your Communication Skills!
Trendy English Words

So let’s look at the top 10 trendy and cool words that are popular now!


Chillax splits into two words, chill and relax. Its use is natural in casual conversation with friends and family, but one should avoid using it with the boss. Chillax is an informal word that signals a comfortable gesture.

For example: “Chillax Kim, the English teacher, is absent, so the test has been postponed till tomorrow.”

Awesomesauce expresses enthusiasm and excitement about something. It’s an addition of some extra joy to the moment. You can use the word ‘awesomesauce’ to express your feelings while conveying positivity at the peak of entertainment.

For example: “Wow, the steak, broth, and dessert served at the new restaurant were awesomesauce!”

Camping outdoors doesn’t provide essential facilities, such as toilets. Referring to glamping offers luxurious camping with advanced facilities, including upscale tents, yurts, air conditioning, electricity, and heating connections. Glamping is a blend of two words, glamorous and camping.

For example: “John and Mike were going glamping this weekend. We rented a fancy hut with a king-sized bed and a private fire pit.”
4.Fast Fashion

Big fashion brands introduce the latest trends at low prices. The retailers produce clothes in bulk and sell them to customers at affordable rates. However, the fast fashion industry is criticized for causing adverse environmental impacts.

For example: “I always shop from fast fashion brands since I’m short of money.”

We always plan to regularly improve our diet and exercise to stay fit and healthy, but inspiration works wonders. Fitness, along with motivation, is the content related to fitness and exercise to motivate others to act on their goal sincerely.

For example: “I follow many fitness bloggers on social media for fitspiration. Their workout routines and healthy meal ideas inspire me to stay active and eat well.”

Do you know how people photobomb on social media?
Photobomb is either done intentionally or unintentionally, where a stranger’s photo or someone’s silly or funny pose is added in the background, adding humor to the picture. It’s a prank.

For example: “I was looking through my photos when a stranger managed to photobomb us in every picture.”
7.Binge Watch

Binge-watching is a non-stop attitude when you keep watching an entire TV series or movie in one day or throughout a weekend. In recent years, binge-watching has become popular with the release of complete seasons on streaming platforms like Netflix, pursuing viewers to watch every episode in no time.

For example: “My roommate spent hours binge-watching ‘Game of Thrones’ and only took breaks to eat, rest and sleep.”

Did you see someone get stuck in an embarrassing situation, and you felt sorry for them?

The word ‘cringe’ is an embarrassing or uncomfortable feeling one experiences when someone is saying or acting awkwardly. You can either cringe at your comments or other people’s behavior.

For example: “He cracked a joke, but the opening got wrong; it was so cringe-worthy that no one knew how to react.”
Beardo has a beard, particularly someone who styles to groom his facial hair. ‘Beardo’ can be a compliment, but often it’s in a negative sense for a person with nasty hygiene habits or an odd and unattractive look.

For example: “My friend Mike is a beardo – he’s always showing his beard grooming skills.”
Have you ever eaten froyo? ‘Froyo’ is a short term for frozen yogurt, a frozen dessert made from yogurt and served with toppings like fruit, candy, or syrup. This cold dessert has all the same ingredients as ice cream, with the addition of yogurt other than cream and milk.

For example: “Let’s get some froyo with sprinkles on top after dinner.”
Bottom Line:
By learning trendy English words, you can enhance your fluency and confidence when communicating with others informally.

Moreover, the emergence of new words and phrases can provide exciting and unique ways to express yourself. To maximize your retention, practice these trendy words daily and integrate them into your daily conversations.