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Sleep occupies a special place in the life of mankind. Everyone knows the feeling of annoyance due to not having enough sleep and the joy of being in your bed after a grueling day.

Sometimes we have to let others know that we want to take a break. Of course, usually just saying “Sleep” is enough. However, you may not want to look rude in front of your friends who are visiting. Or you have older family members in front of you, so you behave more restrained. Or vice versa, you want to communicate your desire in a funny way.

How to say “sleep”

For such cases, there are other ways to communicate your desire to sleep and at the same time avoid the most popular phrase. They are collected in this blog, so go ahead to learn new things.


Nap means to nap, that is, it is a short sleep for 30 minutes or an hour. Some people like to take a nap in the afternoon. This is especially true for preschool children because their schedule always has time for an afternoon nap. Although many, on the contrary, do not like such a short rest, because it can be delayed.

Get a little shut-eye

Such a phrase means that you are going to take a short nap.

We should try to get some rest so we aren’t too worn out tomorrow.

Catch some zzs

This means you are going to take Sleep. In cartoons, the letter “z” is often used in a bubble over a person’s head when they are sleeping.

I’m feeling really tired. I think I’m going to go home and catch some zzzs – I’m very tired. I think I’ll go home and get some rest.

After a long day of work, sometimes all you need to do is catch some zzzs and recharge your batteries – After a long day at work, sometimes all you need to do is get some rest and gain strength.

To snooze

To snooze means to sleep for a short time, to doze off. This state is familiar to many when we have already woken up in the morning from the sound of an alarm clock, but we postpone the signal for

In this interval, we doze, that is, we have a short light sleep.

Grandpa was snoozing in his chair – Grandpa was dozing in his chair.

Beauty sleep

A playful name for sleep, which is needed in order to feel healthy and attractive. This can be called any extra sleep that you can afford, especially sleeping until midnight.

My mother always says that beauty sleep is the secret to looking young and healthy, and I think she’s right.

How to communicate in English about the desire to go to bed?

Now consider the statements that should be used if the evening has already come, you plan to lie down and sleep sweetly until the morning.

Go to bed

The most common phrase that we use and hear from others. This is an action that literally sounds like “getting into bed,” but it means going to Bed.

Turn in

If you are already in the mood for sleep, you can say that you are ready to turn in for the night.

To hit the hay/to hit the sack

Both phrases mean an attempt to fall asleep, but they are appropriate to use in informal communication.

Historically, hay was used to stuff things people slept on, which is why there is now such an expression as “beating the hay with your body”. The same is the case with the “hit in the bag.” It means a bag filled with something soft for sleeping.

Of course, the phrase “I’m going to bed Or Sleep” can be replaced with many more options that convey the same information, so here’s a list of examples.

  • I’m signing off.
  • I’m going to crash.
  • I’m taking my leave.
  • I’m calling it a night.
  • I’m going to dose off.
  • I’m going to slumber.
  • I’m going to conk out.

And some more interesting options to diversify your vocabulary.

  1. Stretch out.
  2. Hit the shucks.
  3. About to retire.
  4. Time to shut my eyes.
  5. Time for forty winks.
  6. Bunk for the night.
  7. Off to the land of nod.
  8. Going up the wooden hill.
  9. Time to head off to la-la land.
  10. I think it’s time to call it a day.

7 more words and phrases to talk about sleep

Fall asleep

The phrase means the process of closing the eyes and moving from wakefulness to sleep, that is, the moment of falling asleep.

Can’t get a wink of sleep

This expression indicates that you cannot sleep at all or did not sleep at some particular moment.

Light sleeper

Such a phrase is appropriate to use in relation to a person who is easy to wake up, that is, he is a very light sleeper.

Out like a light

After a busy day or lack of sleep the previous night, you will fall asleep quickly, literally blacking out.

Sleep like a log

The expression means to sleep very well and soundly.

To oversleep

It means to oversleep, that is, to sleep at the moment at which you should have already woken up.

For example, if your alarm is set for 7 am and you wake up at 8 am, you overslept.

We can also use this word when someone is sleeping too much; more than the body needs.

Sleep late or sleep in

These phrases mean not waking up early, or sleeping longer.

I enjoy sleeping in on the weekends.

I’m off tomorrow, so I think I’ll sleep in OR I have a day off tomorrow, so I think I’ll sleep longer.

Catch you soon,