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Modern English Sentences – Part 1


Modern English Sentences 

Hey All,

Today, let’s see some Modern English Sentences instead of the most heard and common phrases to spice up your Daily Conversations.

1. Usual:- I have not seen you for a long time.
    Modern:- Long time- No see

2. Usual:- I prefer to work in the night.
    Modern:- I am a Night Owl.  (A person who habitually works in the nights.)

3.  Usual :- I will show you how to do it.
     Modern:- I will walk you through it. 

4.  Usual :- I feel guilty about it 
     Modern:- It really pricks my conscience(Conscience – Moral sense of right and wrong)

5.  Usual  :- I can’t come tomorrow.
     Modern:-  I can’t make it tomorrow.

6.  Usual:- Keep quiet.
     Modern:- Zip your lips.

7.  Usual :-  I am good/ I am fine.
     Modern:- I couldn’t be better.

8.  Usual:-  I don’t know
     Modern:- I have no clue/ God Knows

9.  Usual:- I am going to school
     Modern:- I am heading to school.

10. Usual:-  She loves books.
      Modern:- She is fond of books.

11. Usual:- I cannot breathe.
      Modern:- I am gasping.

12. Usual:- I am very hungry.
     Modern:- I am ravenous/I am starving.

13. Usual:-  He knows to teach really well.
      Modern:-  He knows it inside out.

14. Usual:- Please wait.
      Modern:- Hold your horses please.

15. Usual:-  My day was very good.
      Modern:- It was my day. 

Catch you soon with the second part…..