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Hey All,

Happy to get connected to you on yet another topic, before addressing the point of conversation, let me discuss about the common reasons for problems regarding communication skills. This will help analyse things and we can talk English with better confidence.

* Common reasons for problems regarding communication skills. 




The fear of mistake, lack of vocabulary, very primitive knowledge of basic grammar, not having good pronunciation, not possessing enough motivation, shyness and laziness, not knowing to pronounce uncommon words, fear, restlessness, low confidence and nervousness.

So having given a glimpse of it, just as a reminder now let us penetrate into the essence of how to improve English Conversation rapidly, so that we can talk English in a fluent manner.




Glance through all these Vital steps, which can rapidly improve your English Conversation

* Identify your English skill level

Always self analysis is the best and the prime step for correcting any sort of mistakes. When it literally comes to conversation and language skills it can be built only by self correcting the mistakes while speaking and in the long run and go you can see your diction and conversation getting better.


Learn to self correct your mistakes. Follow online lessons or blog lessons.

 * Find out your areas of interest in work, school, home or public

 Actually, why do you need to do this? Once you get to know this, you will be able to locate the reason behind why you need or want to learn English. Once you are clear with your goal you can easily guide yourself through the steps to improve your Conversation rapidly.

* Prepare own personal material like stories either hand written or typed by you to speak about 


This as simple as it sounds and is understandable if you prepare or write material related to your taste or need it adds more value and absolutely can speed up your skill of expressing, which in turn can reflect and improve Conversation skill. After all, conversation is all about expressing what you feel or want to say.

* Subscribe to News or current affairs mediums online to get notified about incidents or events happening around us

Subscribing to News or Current affairs mediums can vastly help you achieve your goal because when you get constant updates of the things happening around you obviously can’t resist or hold the content within you. You will invariably get the urge and instinct to express what you heard or knew. This help you nourish your vocabulary and give you the confidence of having the potential to converse fluently. Word power and focussing on improving it is the higher order potential and skill to improve English rapidly.

* Listen to language teachers who lead the conversation but let you proceed in sharing your experiences, thoughts, ideas and opinions

Did it sound quite new to you. I suggest this to you because it is always good and appreciable to have an expert guidance and assistance when you focus at improving in any area in life, especially when you are a beginner.

* Use applications or tools to identify the mistakes in your conversations


Instantly using tools or applications where you talk or pen down conversations can help you instantaneously correct your mistakes. This would also be helpful to you to locate and fix your errors and know your weak areas.

* Make it a practice and habit to use/involve new vocabulary in the conversation

Freshness in your conversation could be achieved by using new vocabulary. Using new words can keep the person conversing with you engaged and moreover make your conversation better and interesting. Rich vocabulary can surely bring about the best English conversations.

* Translate hard stuff into your NATIVE TONGUE and practise to make better conversation 

Though many experts may not always suggest you to translate phrases or sentences to your native tongue to become fluent in a language, at times either as a beginner or due to the toughness of certain sentences or phrases you can begin translate only the challenging ones into your native tongue to improve English Conversation rapidly.


* During conversations don’t disrupt, practise going with the flow

Pausing a lot or stopping unnecessarily in between conversations can seem that you are not quite comfortable or fluent in a language. So to improve English conversation rapidly don’t disrupt often while conversing. Practise conversations which help you mould your English conversation without missing the flow. These would definitely be the best English conversations.


* Be attentive with the word choice and pronunciation


As we have earlier discussed about using rich and fresh vocabulary in conversations the proper choice of words too is much more vital than using stylish and new vocabulary. Diction along with a good understanding of the accurate pronunciation of the vocabulary give the best output. 


* Follow how native English Speakers speak

Native English Speakers use more words and speak the English language at ease. Listening to authentic conversations or dialogues of native English Speakers is an excellent exercise to improve your English Conversation skills rapidly.

Start concentrating a bit on the technical aspects or nuances of the Language too. These would help create the best English conversations.

Hope these tips would serve as a little guide for you in improving your English Conversation skills. Catch you soon regularly with English stuff,


Ultimately, having the inner strength and confidence that we can talk English fluently is the greater skill one should posses to improve English conversation rapidly.