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Idioms About Winning: Learn Some To Use

Idioms About Winning: Learn Some To Use

Winning and losing are huge parts of everyone’s lives. When it comes to winning, there are lots of cool and interesting idioms for when you want to express it in a creative way. In this article, we will share various idioms related to winning.

Idioms about winning a competition

Have you ever won a competition? Here are some idioms to use when you or someone you know does:

Win fair and square: Win something without cheating

  • The rumors about rigged votes were false, so Matthew won the championship fair and square.
  • Despite the odds being against her, she still managed to win fair and square.

Win by a nose: Winning despite being close to losing

  • Riley’s horse raced with incredible speed and won the race by a nose.
  • He managed to win by a nose despite the 2-second difference.

Idioms About Winning

Win a landslide victory: Win by a large gap

  • Daniel secured a landslide victory in the show, gaining twice as many votes as his closest opponent.
  • Bangladesh won by a landslide in the soccer match.

Win the crown: Becoming the winner or being the best at something

  • Ollie wins the crown for the prettiest smile.
  • After weeks of intense competition, she won the crown of beauty pageant winner.

Win at all costs: To win no matter what

He wanted to win at all costs, even if it meant breaking the rules.

The mutual rivalry between the two teams led them to win at all costs.

Win a golden opportunity: Earn a great opportunity

  • He won the golden opportunity for a solo song on the debut album.
  • She seized the golden opportunity to present her invention to potential investors.

Come out on top: Being the ultimate winner or achieving a favorable outcome

  • Despite the tough competition, our team could come out on top.

Sweep the board: Winning all the available prizes or awards in a competition

  • The artist swept the board at the show.
  • His popularity allowed him to sweep the board with the votes.

Beat the odds: Winning or succeeding despite facing unfavorable circumstances

  • The underrated team of dancers beat the odds and won the championship.
  • Against all expectations, he beat the odds and got the promotion.

Carry the day: Being victorious in a particular situation

  • They carried the day with their teamwork.
  • The whole show was a mess, so his wittiness truly carried the day.

Take the crown: Becoming the champion or winner of a competition.

  • Jaedol took the crown in the dancing contest.
  • As usual, she took the crown of the beauty pageant.

Take the prize: Winning a competition

  • After a fierce battle, they took the prize in the olympiad.
  • That student took the prize for the best project display.

Run the table: Winning all the available matches in a competition

  • Mark’s team easily ran the table in the tournament.
  • Mr. Harriet ran the table in the billiards championship, winning every match.

Score a victory: Achieving a win or success in a contest or battle.

  • England scored a fabulous victory in the final match of the season.
  • With his strategic moves, he scored an effortless victory in the chess game.

Idioms about winning over another person

“Winning over another person” basically means getting on their good side or getting them to like you. There are multiple idioms to express this specific situation. For example-

Win over someone

  • Her charisma won over the audience through her powerful speech.
  • After months of effort, she finally won over her skeptical boss.

Win someone’s heart

  • Through his kindness and sincerity, he managed to win her heart.
  • Delicious food is the best way to win someone’s heart.

Win the favor

  • Guanlin’s impressive skills won him the favor of a famous director.
  • She went the extra mile, so she obviously won the favor of our boss.

Win the support

  • The politician’s persuasive speech was what won him the support of the voters.
  • His legendary charm on stage won him the support of the public.

Win the trust

  • He’s an honest and reliable employee, so he easily won the trust of his colleagues.
  • Through consistent dedication and transparency, she managed to win the trust of her teammates.

Idioms about winning in terms of luck

Luck is a weapon too. Sometimes, even though you don’t have the required resources, you might win because luck is on your side. Here are some idioms related to it:

Strike it lucky: Unexpectedly achieving success or by luck

  • He really struck it lucky with the lottery ticket.
  • She struck it lucky and grabbed the last copy of The Goldfinch.

Hit the jackpot: Achieving great success or a valuable prize

  • By investing in the right stocks at the right time, he hit the jackpot.
  • She really hit the jackpot getting a boyfriend like him.

Lucky shot in the dark: An action taken with no thought or planning that became successful purely due to luck.

  • The last-minute goal was just a lucky shot in the dark.
  • He took a lucky shot in the dark and won the bet with his friends.

Idioms about winning success

Being successful in an endeavor or hoping for success is also a type of winning. Here are some idioms related to success:

Go for gold: Striving for the highest level of success

  • Her brother is going for gold in the Olympics.
  • She’s the kind of person who always goes for the gold.

Clinch the deal: Securing an agreement or contract successfully

  • After intense negotiations, the management team clinched the deal.
  • He clinched the deal himself.

Walk away with something: Winning or achieving something with ease and confidence.

  • Somi walked away with the trophy after a flawless performance.

Play one’s cards right: Making the right decisions

  • She played her cards right and secured the promotion.
  • That wasn’t him being selfish, but him playing his cards right.

Win the day: Becoming successful in something

  • After a tough battle, the OVD team managed to win the day.
  • Her focus and determination are what helped her win the day.

These idioms are useful to use in day-to-day conversations as well as to improve the quality of your writing. Have fun getting to know them!

Catch you soon,