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How to Think in English: A Step by Step Guide

How to Think in English

Hello all! This is Janet. Welcome back to my English lessons. Today I have an interesting task for you: I want to teach you how to think in English. By the time you finish reading this post, your thoughts will be structured in English and you will even carry on dialogues with yourself in that language. As a result, whatever happens inside your head will take place only in English!

Reasons behind Thinking in English?

Thinking in English is as good as having super powers which make it easier and more natural to speak it. Instead of translating words mentally, you are going to start thinking in the language outright. It’s like switching into an ‘English-mode’ inside your brain.

Kick-starting Your Thinking Process In English

  1. Practice with Questions

Let’s practice together! This is how we are going to do it: I shall pose some questions to you using English and what I want you do is think about them only using the same language. Pause if necessary until when ready then continue with the exercise. Don’t worry about perfection as this exercise just aims at making one comfortable.

Question 1: What Was the Best Part of Your Day Yesterday?

Think of your answer using English as a medium of expression. After thinking pronounce aloud what you have been able to come up with; focus on clarity but not so much on grammar or pronunciation rules; always remember that this is aimed at reprogramming your mind towards thinking thoughts via this foreign language.

Question 2: If You Could Learn Any New Skill, What Would It Be?

Again, think about your answer using only English please. You are already doing well! This activity helps train your brain to think in English.

Question 3: What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self?

This question is a little bit harder. First consider it before giving out your response orally.

Question 4: If You Could Have Dinner with Any Historical Figure, Who Would It Be and What Would You Talk About?

This is the final question where we test your competence in language. Just think critically and answer in English.

Tips on How to Keep Thinking in English

Congratulations! You have successfully accomplished the mission of thinking in English. Give yourself a pat on the back. That’s one big step closer to fluency. However, before I wind up, here are a few tips for continuing to practice thinking in English alone:

Listen to English Songs, Watch English TV Shows, and Read English Books: Immersing yourself into this language will help you naturally think in it.

Chat with English-Speaking Friends or Join English Conversational Groups: This will enable you to have regular practice which improves confidence and fluency as well.

Write in English everyday—You can always write even if only some sentences each day as this enhances your thought process through the same language everyday.

Keep Challenging Yourself: Ask new questions about different topics or discuss new things using this particular medium of communication. Explore other means of learning the language by taking new paths.

Closing Thoughts

I trust that you had a good time during this practice session and it has motivated you to keep enhancing your English. Just remember, if we stay focused enough, be committed enough we can realize anything. For now, enjoy using your mind and voice to speak in English until next time.

That’s it for today, folks. I will catch you soon. Thank you for being there for me in this process. Bye!

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