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How To Make Long Sentences In English?

How To Make Long Sentences In English?

In the world of language, constructing well-crafted sentences is highly valued. Creating long sentences in English allows you to express complex thoughts and engage readers.

How To Make Long Sentences In English?

This skill set is not only beneficial for the readers but is also useful for those who struggle to fill the page or are getting paid by the word. All-in-all, one can enjoy various benefits by increasing the number of words and the weight of their writing.

In this guide, we’ll explore the art of crafting long sentences in English, helping you enhance your writing and captivate your audience.

1. Appositive phrases

Once you set your noun or pronoun in place, continue describing it or provide additional information about the noun using appositive phrases. These phrases can be a great way to lengthen a seemingly short sentence.

For example, “My friend, an excellent writer, just debuted his first book in Georgia.”

2. Transitional word

Long sentences can be a lot for many. To overcome this problem, transitional phrases are preferred. These phrases are short and help connect two ideas making the sentence longer.

Transitional phrases like “however,” “afterwards,” “moreover,” etc. improve the flow of your writing, help the readers understand better, and prepare them for what is coming next.

3. Use relative clauses

Add descriptive information using relative clauses introduced by words like “who,” “which,” or “that.”

For example: “The book that I read last week was fascinating.”

4. Add studies

Another way to make your sentence longer, and your writing bulky, is to add research. Include studies relevant to your text, enhancing sentence length and adding importance.

5. Be vivid

To achieve longer paragraphs without unnecessary filler content, it is crucial to ensure that each sentence within the paragraph provides sufficient description and clarity for the readers to comprehend the message.

With being descriptive, ensure you do not go overboard with unnecessary details.

6. Abundant semicolons

Semicolons can create longer sentences by connecting closely related independent clauses. This allows for a smoother flow of ideas and adds depth and intricacy to your writing.

However, it’s important to carefully use semicolons and ensure that the connected clauses are truly related and fit together well.

7. Opt for a conversational tone

Write in a conversational style that mimics spoken language to make your sentences longer without unnecessary content.

This way, your sentences will flow naturally, and readers will feel engaged as if you’re speaking directly to them. It’s important to avoid sounding too formal or authoritative to connect with your audience effectively.

8. Include lists

Lists can contribute to the length of sentences by including multiple items or ideas within a single sentence. You can expand the sentence by presenting a series of related elements while offering additional details or examples.

9. Provide explanations

The sentence naturally becomes longer when you expand on a specific point or provide additional context. This helps to convey a more comprehensive understanding of the topic or idea being discussed.

10. Contractions are a miss

Using abbreviations and contractions in your writing adds a casual tone but shortens your sentences. While they have their place, if you aim to create longer sentences, it is best to minimize their use.

Instead, opt for complete words and avoid contractions to effectively lengthen your sentences and maintain a more formal writing style. Some common contractions include you’re, we’re, and don’t.

11. Resumptive modifier

Resumptive modifiers are word or phrase repetitions that emphasize or clarify a sentence. While they don’t inherently make a sentence longer, they can contribute to sentence length by providing additional information or reiterating a point.

However, be careful so that you do not end up redundant.

12. Endless supply of And

Long sentences with “and” create power and momentum when executed skillfully, driving the narrative forward. However, when used carelessly, this technique loses meaning and becomes superficial.

13. Introductory phrases

To make your sentences longer, you can use introductory phrases. These phrases provide extra details about the main idea at the beginning of a sentence. The best part is that they can lengthen your sentences naturally without sounding strange or forced.

14. Include adverbs

Using adverbs is another way to lengthen your sentences. Replacing adjectives with adverbs can add interest and creativity to your writing without making it overly complex or dull.


To sum up, becoming proficient in constructing long sentences in English provides numerous opportunities for effective communication. You can create longer and more captivating sentences using various techniques like coordinating and descriptive details.

It is crucial, however, to maintain a balance that preserves clarity and cohesiveness within your writing. With dedication and practice, you can master creating long sentences, allowing you to convey complex ideas eloquently and engage your readers on a deeper level.