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Hey Guys,

Here it is today all about Learning to speak PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH….

What even communication experts teach, insist and suggest would be “accent improvisation” and “accent cutting”…. I mean cutting down on the previous accent…..

Well, this is a very vital part of Public speaking skills….. because many tend to get very nervous when they speak in public truly and mainly because of their accent….  my dear ones…… 

Having said that, it is so much easy and practically possible to work on your accent at home….

The prior step for that would be you must make and take sincere efforts to learn how a professional voice would rather sound like…… 

A few among the many valuable tips  


* Well, if you are a person with a very weak or soft voice…. then all what you could do is…… 

If suppose you always talk with a pitch or scale of 6 or 7 you can increase your pitch to 8 or 9 so that your voice might sound better and become impressive to the listeners…..

* The other way to enhance your voice for public speaking would be….

If you are a very chirpy or jolly freaky person too…. try using a confident bold tone which would widely help you to sound professional in English…..

Now other better things to focus on except for your voice….. listed below

* The pacing between the words is the prime and that decides the prime quality of the speech or open platform conversation you want to give or face in public…. 

* Emphasizing or giving stress on the keywords of every sentence you speak is very important and that only decides how professional and unique your English speech sounds…. These were personally what I focussed when I initially started up…. with a little bit of public speaking….

The eye contact is what I would say is in a wholesome way important to speak English professionally….. 

I have been suggesting this probably for most of my students….. I always insist them to just look up confidently with a common note say like globally!!!!!…. which would make their speech look and seem very cool, confident wiping away the nervousness one might often and commonly have in public speaking, keeping it hidden……


So always keep your eyes forward without looking down and chin up……

* Gestures

Well, gestures are so very important when it comes to public speaking…… otherwise you might be felt like a robot…… it might not be exciting and appealing to the audience as well……

So it is so much essential that you use appropriate and subtle expressions while speaking in public to ideally sound professional……..

It could be as mild as lifting your eyebrows, otherwise you would be sensed robotic……. 

You must also a bit consciously not be too loud with your gestures or expressions and body language…… because that may be rather too distracting or too dramatic…..

You should also use your hands to express and look confident without staying very stiff……

Otherwise, you would be seen with no enthusiasm and may even look that you are not interested in giving the speech…..

* Do keep in your mind not to be keeping on moving your toes because that might show you very nervous…. this is one such gesture which might represent you to be less confident….

Once you get to forget something…. you could just gracefully continue with…. gentle small….. hmmms…. or a slight smile or laughter and you can just smartly switch over to the next sentence of your speech……

* If you really have the scope, freedom and possibility you could just move a little bit along the stage….

These are the basic and normal, must consider points in public speaking…. dear ones….

Catch you soon with more interesting and sensible stuff,