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Hello All,

This is now today going to be all about what stuff would be useful for English conversation…..

How to talk about work in English….. may be your job, profession however you term it as…..

1. We’ll work on it.

This means when any of the customers/service acquirers complain or request anything you need sometime to consider or work on it….

2. I shall get back to you.

This means you shall collect the information or necessary data and connect to them again…..

3. Sounds like kids.

But you actually cannot use this in a meeting or to higher officials… only with your office friends/colleagues….

4. I want you to stay back with me.

This could be used when you want your colleague to accompany you because it will get late for your work to wind up….

5. Anyone wants to join me is welcome.

This means you say you are open to accept people….. you convey they can join you anytime….

6. I shall take the responsibility.

You can use this when you want to say that you are responsible for the job to be done or finished….

7. Can you tell me where I am.

This means…. 

For instance, if you are fully burdened with work at office and any of your software or program get’s messed up… you do not know where you left and where you have to continue you say “Can you tell me where I am”…..

8. You can take a week more.

You can use this when you want to say the person you are assigning the work to can in fact take a little more time,…. here may be a week…. to complete the assigned work…..

9. We need to make it fast.

You can use this to convey to your crew that you all need to speed up things together…..

10. I want it on my table tomorrow morning.

You could use this when you have lost your patience or at times waited enough….. giving more space and time…. now you want to draw a deadline….. you say the work has to be submitted by all means on your table the next day morning,…..

11. How do we get up there?

This could be used in multiple instances….

* When you want to reach a file which is placed in an upper rack quite hard for you to reach you could use this…..

* When you want to reach or achieve any goal or target, you want any guidance for it…… you could use this…..

12. I shall take a call.

You can use this when you want to say you shall take the necessary action….. may be soon…….

13. They have arranged a meeting this weekend.

You can use this while you discuss with your friends about a meeting….. as to when it is arranged…..

14. Let me do the talking.

* You could use this when you are good at conveying things or communicating better…..

* You could use this when you want to say I shall talk with them and get the deal done or just convince them…..

15. Just do what I say!

This you can use when you are full of temper or some subordinate is not listening to your work instructions then you could be a little bit strong and say….. 

“Just do what I say”

16. It was totally unexpected.

This means you never had even the slightest clue of something and it suddenly happened without any expectation……

You can term it as accidental…..

17. We share bear the loss.

This means your customer faces any loss or damage mainly when money is involved on behalf of the company you just want to say your company shall pay for it and take care of it…..

18. You did an amazing job.

This means you appreciate a person for doing his job well,….. for his good job

19. You did a fabulous job.

This too is the same as the previous sentence used for appreciation of good deeds, tasks, presentation and it was more than good…..

20. It is totally your negligence.

You could use this when something goes wrong at work….. anything as an accident or mishap has happened…. you find that someone is the cause for it….. “You come to know that it is because of the carelessness of her/him”…..

21. You better stay back and finish it today.

This sentence could be used at work when anyone has left the work incomplete or half done and you want that to be finished so you ask them to stay late at office may be beyond office hours and get the work finished…..

22. I repeatedly told you this.

You could use this keeps on continuing the mistake you have told them strictly not to do….. or you have warned them for their indisciplinary activities…… may be they are too late in submitting the work….. or they keep on repeatedly do the same mistakes…..

I guess these sentences connected to job,…. would have made you much more clear as to what English sentences you are supposed to use at office in many situations and when, where to use them……

Catch you very soon….