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Hey All,

Content writing today, is one of the key areas to exhibit our skill and which you could grow even as a career. I do basically love and enjoy content writing. Any kind of creative writing always begins only when something or some topic just inspires you. It should be something which triggers you to write. 


Many creative content writers share their testimonials and the prime point they do try conveying thoroughly is…. you could write something with extreme creativity only when you feel your urge to express your views or experience in the topic just choking your throat…. and literally.



I genuinely have felt and gone through the experience too and in fact I could admit that as my writing motivation. I always would insist you to write any content on anything or any topic or even may be sharing your personal experience only when you feel you can’t hold it any more within you. Actually frankly speaking you must be getting desperate to express and spread the knowledge you have on that particular topic.



Now having said that I want to spill out certain styles just in an intention to give you suggestions as to what are the ideal, possible and quite interesting styles in which you can write content. 



Here we go,


1. Theoretical Style

2. Dramatic style

3. Story style

4. Funny style

5. Factual style

6. Interactive style

7. Friendly style



Let me elaborate a bit on each of these styles one by one on the flow, Just buckle up to know them. 


1. Theoretical Style


I just wanted to begin with the theoretical style which means like you could convey a concept or idea in a regular textbook style in the sense it could only be the context or theory. This is one of the most orthodox or authentic styles of content writing.

I would say in this particular style you could enjoy the freedom of being more elaborate.



2. Dramatical Style


I personally feel this dramatic style is very easy to adapt because we humans are usually quite expressive and are to an extent full of drama. In the dramatic style you could add in a little bit of spice, emotions and quote real life happenings, incidences, circumstances. This style moreover keeps your audience a bit engaged. You can also add in some exaggeration of things to make things seem realistic.










3. Story Style


Story style is almost similar to the dramatic style. As the name suggests you can convey your content in the form of a story, narration. You could either write in a fictional pattern or using realistic stories of people you have noted, observed or come across. I always enjoy and prefer to choose Story Style for my content writing as it is very easy to convey the message and catch the attention of the audience who read it. They would many a times feel very easy to connect and even relate to the characters we portray in the story. They could sometimes feel connected as the characters we portray may resemble them or their loved ones.




4. Funny Style


The Funny Style is one perfect style to make the reader feel at ease and create a great connect, bond with the reader. You can ideally grab the concentration and attention of the reader and tie them close to you yet gently conveying the message. You have the liberty I would say to even convey a strong message on a lighter and acceptable manner to the reader.




5. Factual Style


Factual Style is one particular style of content writing where you can just create your content by quoting facts. You actually don’t need to dump huge number of facts clumsily together which might not be appealing to the audience well, might even leave them puzzled and frustrated. That might leave them bored and lose interest reading your content. 


So my humble suggestion would be when you use factual style to write a content please be conscious that you don’t just write down random facts but try to get them on a flow and readable. Be keen to follow a particular order, flow and discipline so that nothing seems irrelevant. You can even put the facts as points in a pleasing order.



6. Interactive Style 


When it comes to interactive style you can frame your content in a little conversational mode and in fact you could write in a dialogue mode. You can throw a little bit of queries in your content for your reader to reason out or answer in the comment section or your contact mode letting them too to participate in the content, making it even more understandable. This is a little bit rare style and quite tricky to write.


You could keep the interactions either at the last or spread it throughout your content inducing the reader to reason out and react by responding to you. This style is quite used and recommended for blogs.




7. Friendly Style


This is the best and easiest style I would say to write a content as it is just like sharing a content, ideas or opinions with the reader in a very friendly mode which almost many of us could write. It doesn’t demand much skill or too much language power. You could easily write in this friendly style absolutely comfortable and it can leave the reader at ease.


Hey friends, I guess I just shared the amazing writing styles or patterns you could adapt while doing your content writing as per my knowledge. Hope you would have found it helpful and useful to you while doing your content writing in future. 


Catch you soon,