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Hey All,

13. To come in handy

This means “It was useful”…. to be useful….

My multi-purpose blender comes in handy while I prepare vegetable soups.

That dictionary came in handy when I started to learn English.

14. To buy time

This means to temporarily extend or delay something from happening…. may be even to get a better solution or anything else……

I didn’t finish preparing the dishes for the birthday party, so I really had to buy time.

They had to buy time to complete the construction of the dining hall.

15. To put it mildly

This means that something is very bad or harsh, rude hard hitting in reality but that you want to put it in better words without actually hurting somebody yet conveying the correct message….

To put it mildly he is not interested in marriage for now.

The dish was a bit tangy to put it mildly.

To put it mildly I don’t actually like her sister.

16. To look alive

This means to be more active and get moving….. being agile….. to move more quickly and engage in a very active manner….

This is the finale of this dance session, look alive.

It’s is the main semester exams this month, look alive out there!


17. To go to the dogs

This means to become horrible, worse, bad in quality or in fact get ruined….

This symposium has really gone to the dogs.

That web series has truly gone to the dogs because of the new director.

18. To have the upper hand

This means to have more power, opportunity or in fact to be in a more superior position…

Benny always has the upper hand in the company.

My brother always has the upper hand in my family decisions.

19. To have one’s work cut out

This means to have a difficult, tedious or a lengthy task ahead…… to be facing a tough task…

We have our house cleaning routine this Sunday, we have got our work cut out for us.

They had to submit the complete project this weekend, they have got their work cut out.

20. To hit the ground running

This means to begin with amazing success or just very quickly….

My sister was the first in my family to hit the ground running.

Michael hit the ground running when he got his position of General Secretary.

21. To lie low

This means you want to perform low or avoid the attention of others, hide for a while and not be in the scene…… so that …. at times…. that particular act or thing might be forgotten too…….

Sheba was lying low not to reveal her marriage.

We are lying low until our relatives just forget the clumsy party preparation.

22. To go to town

This means to just do things with more happiness, energy, cheer or enthusiasm…

The office team really went to town on the new project.

The interior decor people went to the town to make the event a great success.

23. To be there for

This means to be present during someone’s tough times or to be available to give support to someone or to comfort someone……

I really want to be there for you, because you are really sick.

She is my closest friend, I want to be there for her in her financial crisis.

24. To put a dampener/damper on something

This means to make something look or feel bad, less exciting or strong.

His arrogant behaviour really put a dampener on the party yesterday.

His awkward speech put a dampener on the board meeting.

I guess all these cute and new English phrases would have thoroughly helped you in feeling more confident that you could sound more professional and fluent in English….. Share with me in case you know any other interesting phrases which you could actually use in daily life….

Catch you soon…. my beloved ones…..