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Hey Guys,

Learning Spoken English has become way more easier than before…… making it even more at ease let us discuss these 24 most common phrases to learn and speak English fluently…….

Here we go…….

1. To be on the safe side

This means you try to play safe, not letting in any problem or controversy…. This could also mean that you are doing things or preparing an environment earlier in advance….. may be as a precaution. This could even mean something is even done for security….

We just informed the team lead to be on the safe side.

You can get your luggage ready today itself to be on the safe side.

She always tried to be on the safe side.


2. To eat one’s words

This means that you in a rush or hurry have told/spoken something and then you just take back your words when you know you were wrong……

You take back your words…. to withdraw what you have spoken earlier….. like by mistake or misunderstanding or hastily……

Pal ate his words when he realised that he was wrong.

He made an effort to eat his words when he felt he had spoken bad about his colleague.

3. To go down the drain

This means to totally/fully get wasted…. When literally everything or every single effort gets wasted…..

His new project had to go down the drain due to his sudden illness.

Her starter company had to go down the drain because of the new law which was passed.

Cathy felt that all her efforts had gone down the drain.

4. To go down a storm

This means that people or audience have accepted/received something well…..

Their first music album had gone down a storm to their surprise.

His pizza shop went down a storm luckily.

5. To go down in history

This means to be remembered forever,…. almost it has made history and it would be recorded in the history books…. 

On the contrast it could also be on a funny note…

His achievement would go down in history because it is remarkable.

Her battle will surely go down in history.

The tantrums you created in your childhood will go down in history.

6. To take a rain check

This means to decently reject or decline an offer…. may be in a sense that you might give it a try or pick it up/accept it later….. in the future……

I can’t take the marriage proposal for now, but I may take a rain check probably in a couple of years.

He can’t go to their wedding today, but he will be happy to take a rain check for their reception next week.

7. Call something off

This means to cancel something…… 

He called off the wedding suddenly.

Nella called off the celebration due to the sudden rains.

8. To take advantage of

This means to exploit or utilise something or a situation,….. 

He took advantage of his mother all the time.

It is not good to take advantage of someone’s true love.

Surprisingly, it could also be used in a neutral or positive sense too…..

He really took advantage of the lockdown to build his new online business.

She took advantage of her breakup to build her own career and become independent.


9. To take the biscuit

This means the most remarkable, ultimate or most foolish part of something…

Sara has done many mischievous things in childhood, but spilling oil paint on her brother’s wedding coat takes the biscuit.

He has done many annoying stuff to me, but making me wait for hours takes the biscuit.

10. Come to a head 

This means to reach a crucial or critical point…. 

The relationship came to a head when he came drunk to the family ocassion.

His arrogant behaviour made the fight come to a head.

11. To make a bee-line for

This means to hit/go directly toward something or someone 

Jim made a bee-line for his dad when he saw him after a very long time.

12. To draw a blank

This means to forget something or just fail to recall something….

I am sorry, I draw a blank I really don’t know the answer.

He drew a blank when I suddenly asked him for his address.

That was thoroughly incredible discussing these unique Spoken English Phrases with you let’s continue further in the next post……

Catch you soon,