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Hey beloved ones,

Today here with a casual English topic of knowing some better ways of saying “I THINK”….

Well “I think”!!!! many of you might be using this in most of your conversations….. But many a times we might have a need to often repeat this and that might make the listener of your conversation little bored or they even may become less interested in you and your conversation….

Guess you might have realised that in your lives often…. So let’s go about learning some more simple yet better ways to say “I THINK”

Now here on the row we have….

1. I guess 

You could use “I guess” in the place of “I think”….. which would convey the exact meaning as I guess….

Let me quote example for your better understanding…

I think I shall meet her tonight.

I guess I shall meet her tonight.

I guess that was pretty easy….

2. In my opinion

How could you replace “I think” with “in my opinion”….. 

In my opinion just literally means “in your understanding and view”

For instance,

I think she is right.

In my opinion she is right.

3. From my point of view

“From my point of view” just means the same as the previous one “in your opinion”….. from where and what angle you see a think or create an impression about a thing……. “I think”…..

Let us now replace “I think” with “From my point of view”

I think it is difficult to execute.

From my point of view it is difficult to execute.

4. If you ask me 

“If you ask me”….. directly could be understood as….. if you want to know my opinion or view or just what I think….. 

This is one pretty good way to replace “I think”….. 

I think talent is very important.

If you ask me talent is very important.

5. As far as I am concerned

As far as I am concerned” …. is a little professional way of saying “I think”….

You could use this either in your professional front or with your colleagues, relatives, guests,…….

An example to do with….

I think that is a total waste of time.

As far as I am concerned that is a total waste of time.

6. As far as I can tell

You could also use the previous one in yet another way….

I think he is a good guy.

As far as I can tell you he is a good guy.

7. I would say

The friendly way in which you could say “I think” is “I would say”….. You could use this with your friends, colleagues, relatives, family members or anybody you wish to have a casual dialogue with…. usually…….

It would definitely help you to sound natural, casual and cool….. effortless…..

I think he behaved very smart.

I would say he behaved very smart.

Well, today I really felt so amused elaborating this simple and useful stuff to you dear ones….

Relax and Give Multiple revisions over these phrases and sound fluent and talk English with ease very soon…

To learn more English in a quick and easy way….. follow my blog …… dear ones…..

Catch you very soon…..