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Hey All,
As we have already looked into phrasal verbs…Some more on the topic “phrasal verbs”…

Let’s us have a  glance of phrasal verbs with Break. 

A gentle reminder of phrasal verbs…

PHRASAL VERBS are idiomatic phrases which have a verb and an adverb or a preposition together. 

Phrasal verbs such as look down, drop out, give up, fall apart… are generally in use…

1. Break into 

The Phrasal verb “Break into” means

# To enter somewhere by force
# To be admitted into a profession or business or even idea 


       1. She broke into a wonderful idea when she was talking to her colleagues.

       2. She broke into the room as soon as she arrived at the home.

2. Break out

 The phrase Break out means to spread quickly sometimes could also mean to escape. 

For Example:- 

      1. There was a breakdown of the virus in the city.

      2. Shelly always was longing to break out of her hectic work routine.

3. Break away 

This phrasal verb is used when something gets separated after being tied or held in a place.This can also mean to get separated from a group.


     1. The ship made a break away due to the unexpected storm.

     2. The child broke away from her parents and jumped off the road.

     3. She has broken away from her college group and started her own franchise.

4. Break down 

This is a phrasal verb used in day-to-day life. I guess most of us would have heard this phrasal verb often. The common situation where this phrasal verb is uses is when there is some repair with any machinery.

For Example:- 

     1. The Lathe machine went into a sudden break down.

# Break Down

“Break down ” could also be used not only when something stops working but could be used in situations where someone collapses physically too. Another meaning of break down is to separate into portions parts or pieces.

For Example:- 

      1. She broke down after she lost her job. 

      2. She tried to break down the cooking chocolate slab. 

5. Break up

This phrasal verb refers to a broken relationship or to bring any relationship to an end


      1. That amazing couple unfortunately went through a break up.
      2. He was not able to handle the break up.

6. Break in

The phrasal verb break in means to suddenly or forcibly enter somewhere without permission or to cause harm or steal. It also could mean even to interrupt some talk or conversation or performance.


      1.The thieves tried to break in the house.

     2. Don’t break in when the discussion is going on.

Now happily winding up this little session of phrasal verbs….

Dear friends try exploring more phrasal verbs which are useful and practically easy for usage……

Phrasal verbs could make your life easier. Give them a try…….

Catch you later