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Hello all,


Many a times after too much of effort also most of the English language learners tend to make some common errors…. which they actually consciously need to correct to sound fluent in English…..








Let us today address the 6 most common mistakes people make while speaking in English……


! 1. Aleena has a 7 years old daughter.


Do you feel that’s right….. Guess what is the error in this particular sentence…. 


It actually has to be 


Aleena has a 7 year old daughter.

They have a 3 year old pup.

I have a 20 year old car.

I have 70 year old uncle.


! 2. I suggest you to prepare it.


 It could be either like 


I suggest that you prepare it.  

I suggest you prepare it.


A few more examples


We suggest that he bring it soon.

We suggest that he go to school.

I suggest that he try better choices.



Similarly to add on, if it is like…


I suggest you don’t be careless anymore.


But this cannot be right anyways…. rather it should be like….


I suggest you not be careless anymore.




Here you must notice that I use “bring, go, try” and not “brings, goes, tries”…. so when you use suggest do not use ‘s’ to the other verb you use apart from “suggest”…



* The key point to be noted is if you are using the term “suggest” followed by the verb….. then you have to add -ing after the verb (eating)…. that is actually called a gerund…


For instance…


I suggested going to the new church.

I suggested asking the doubt to the tutor.

He suggested building the house close to the beach.



Hope I made it clear….



The usage and handling of the word “suggest” has to be done carefully while speaking in English.




! 3. She gave me some advices yesterday.


I guess you just might have spotted the error in this sentence….


“s” to the word advice and generally for all non countable nouns…. we should not be adding “s”….



So naturally it has to be…..


She gave me some advice yesterday.





Mentioning a few of the non countable nouns for your knowledge and reference…..


* homework

* grocery

* information

* vocabulary

* knowledge

* slang






! 4. I am searching for a 3 storeys building for my business.


This is often a mistake done by many, so it has to be like….


I am searching for a 3 storey building for my business.


This is because “building” is a noun, so when you are describing the noun just before the noun when you put the word to describe the noun…. you have to use singular 




! 5. I am used to drink coffee in the morning.


Here the mistake very often committed….. 


It should rather be….


I am used to drinking coffee in the morning.


They are used to gossiping about their relatives.


This is the case where something a kind of habit like…. and the habit is still on….


If you are not continuing the habit any more than….  you have stopped the habit….. it could be like…. 


I used to drink coffee in the morning.


They used to gossip about their relatives.




! 6. I will ask him about this when we will see each other.


Well, that is the error in the above sentence…..


You cannot use will again….


You have to say 



I will tell him about this when we see each other.


I will gift him this when we meet for Christmas.



Guess….. you loved knowing these facts….


Now being aware of all these common mistakes please do start practising these in day-to-day English…..


That alone can help you correct and then stop repeating these mistakes dear ones….


Catch you soon,