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21 Phrases In English You Would Love To Use

A phrase is a short string of words that expresses an idea but isn’t a complete sentence. Every day, you utilize phrases in both your speech and writing. There are many distinct phrases, some of which serve a technical purpose in your writing while others serve a more descriptive one.

21 Phrases In English You Would Love To Use
21 Phrases In English You Would Love To Use

It is a collection of words that lacks a subject or a verb. Phrases are frequently used to describe people, things, or events. Examples: Filled with joy, the girl hugged everyone excitedly.

The following are the Common English Phrases that you would love to use:

As Easy As Pie

As easy as pie means “a task or activity that is easy to complete” Just like a piece of cake.

For instance, if someone says, “I found the physics test as easy as pie,” they are expressing how simple and easy the test was for them to finish.

Bend Over Backward

Bend over backward means ” An extreme effort to accomplish a challenging task.

For example, if a friend asks you for a favor that requires a lot of effort, you might say “I’ll bend over backward to help you out.” This means that you will do everything in your power to assist your friend.

Figure Something Out

Figure something out mean ” To find a solution”

For example, if someone is struggling with their mental health, they might say, “I need to figure this out.” This means that they need to find a solution to the problem at hand.

In The Nick Of Time

In the Nick of time means “doing something at the very last second”.

For example, if someone is running late for the class and they arrive just as the lecture is about to start, they might say, “I made it in the nick of time.” This means that they arrived just in time, right before the lecture began.

Once In A While

Once in a while means “infrequent or sporadic occurrences”

For example, if someone asks you how often you eat at a particular restaurant, you might say, “I eat there once in a while.” This means that you eat there occasionally, but not regularly.

Drop Someone A Line

Drop someone a line means “To send a short message or letter to someone”

For example, if someone is traveling and wants to let their family know they arrived safely, they might say, “I’ll drop you a line when I get there.” This means that they will send a quick message to let their family know they have arrived.

Cut it out

Cut it out means “To stop doing something annoying”

For example, if someone is making noise during a movie, someone might say, “Cut it out, I can’t hear the movie.” This means that the person making noise should stop so that everyone can enjoy the movie. 

Hit The Hay

Hit the hay means “To go to bed or to go to sleep”

For example, if someone is tired and ready for bed, they might say, “I’m going to hit the hay now.” This means that they are going to bed to get some sleep.

In Ages

In ages means “means a long time has passed since something has happened or been seen”

For example, if someone has not seen a friend for a long time, they might say, “I haven’t seen you in ages!” This means that it has been a long time since they last saw their friend.

To Get The Ball Rolling

To get the ball rolling means “means to start an activity or a project”

For example, if a group of people is planning an event, someone might say, “Let’s get the ball rolling and start making some plans.” This means that they should start taking action and making arrangements to get the event started.


Twenty-four/seven means: “means all day, without stopping or taking a break”

For Example, “That store is open twenty-four/seven.” This means that the store is open all day, every day, without taking a break.

Up To The Minute

Up to the minute means “most current information, news, or technology”

For Example, “I have up-to-the-minute information on this.” This means that they have the latest news and updates on the story.

Take It Easy

Take it easy means “to not worry or become overly excited”

For Example, “Take it easy, you’ve prepared well and you’ll do great.” This means that the person should relax and not become too worried or anxious about the situation.

Sleep On it

Sleep on it means “to have a clearer mind and be able to make a more informed decision”

For Example, “That sounds like a good job, but I’d like to sleep on it before I give you my final decision”.This means that the person should take some time to think about the job offer and not make a decision right away.


Sharp means “exactly at a specific time.

For Example, “I’ll see you at 5:00 PM sharp.” This means that they will be there exactly at 5:00 PM and will not be late.

Know Something Like The Back Of Your Hand

Knowing something like the back of your hand means “to be very familiar with something”

For Example,  “I know this subject like the back of my hand.” This means that they are very familiar with the subject and have a deep understanding of it.

In The Red

In the red means “to have a negative financial status”.

For Example, “My factory is going poorly these days. We’ve been in the red

for the past five months”. This means that they are facing financial crises due to continuous losses in their business

Fill In For Someone

Fill in love for someone means “to temporarily replace or substitute for someone”

For Example, “While my father was away from the shop, my younger brother filled in for me” This means that my brother took place of my father for some time while he was away.

Change One’s Mind

Change one’s mind means “to change a previously held opinion or decision”

For Example, “I was planning to go to the party but I changed my mind.” This means that they had previously planned to attend but then changed their decision.

Keep One’s Chin Up

Keep one’s chin up means “means to remain optimistic, even in the face of difficulty.”

For Example, “I know you were struggling with poor mental health but try to keep your chin up” This means you need to be stronger in your difficult time

In The Black

In the black means “to have a positive financial status”

For Example, “Our business is going good, We are in the black this year” This means their business is making a lot of profit.


Thus, in this article, we have explained the 21 Phrases of English that you would love to use. It is very important to focus on enhancing your vocabulary with useful concepts like English idioms, sayings, or expressions. They will make you sound more honest and natural while adding substance and even fun to your speech.