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Glad to catch you up… Have you ever been bored and tired of saying VERY…. In fact, I have personally felt it so disinterested to quite often mention very. A little monotonous isn’t it…..

So here let me throw some light on the alternate ways you can express “very” carrying the same intensity…

Here we go….


Down the line I would be sharing with you the alternate ways to express very and few quoted sentences as examples for you dear ones…


1. Very funny

How often do you use this…

You could instead say “hilarious, comical”

That comedy was just hilarious.

It is a comical movie.


2. Very interesting

You could instead say “amusing, engaging”

The quiz competition was so interesting.

The performance was so engaging.


3. Very excited

You could instead say “delighted, exhilarated, thrilled”

The happy news made me excited.

I am thrilled about our family visit to Switzerland.

My daughter felt exhilarated after knowing her exam results.



4. Very big

You could instead say “huge, massive”

The movie was a huge hit.

He met with a massive accident.


5. Very heavy

You could instead say “hefty, bulky”

He looks hefty.

The parcel was bulky.


6. Very sad

You could instead say “sorrowful, unhappy, miserable, broken”

The story I read yesterday was sorrowful.

The life history of that athlete was miserable.

I really felt broken after hearing about his father’s illness.

That was such an unhappy incident.


7. Very happy

You could instead say “cheerful, merry, gleeful”

Belle is a cheerful person.

Sara seemed so merry yesterday.

She always carries a gleeful smile on her face.







8. Very much surprised

You could instead say “astonished, amazed”

The correspondent’s speech left me astonished.

I was amazed to see my cousin grown up so big.


9. Very hungry

You could instead say “starving, ravenous, famished”

The labourers were starving all night due to the hunger  strike.

She was ravenous as she had skipped her breakfast.


10. Very angry

You could instead say “irate, annoyed, vexed, irritated”

The must analyse what makes you feel irate.

I am vexed about the misfortune that happened yesterday.

Don’t get annoyed.

Selin often gets irritated.


11. Very intelligent 

You could instead say “knowledgeable, smart, quick-witted, clever”

She is such a knowledgeable lawyer.

He acted very smart.

His son is quick-witted.

The action plan was really clever.


12. Very small

You could instead say “tiny, petite”

The boy looked tiny.

Her dress size was petite.


13. Very beautiful

You could instead say “gorgeous, pretty, attractive, nice-looking, charming”

Sherin looked gorgeous in her wedding gown.

The child looks pretty.

The gifts were attractive.

She looks charming in her new hair cut.


14. Very careful

You could instead say “cautious, aware”

You should be cautious while handling hot wax.

You must be aware of the risks before doing experiments.


15. Very good

You could instead say “great, fine, satisfactory, excellent”

His work looks great.

It was so fine.

The party arrangements were satisfactory.

The food was excellent.


16. Very fine

You could instead say “exceptional, splendid, admirable, remarkable, outstanding”

The painting is just exceptional.

It was a remarkable piece of art.

What a splendid scene!

Her presentation was outstanding.


17. Very fat

You could instead say “obese, plump, stout, solid, chubby”

She was obese in her teens.

He is plump.

She is stout.

The kid looks chubby.


18. Very tasty

You could instead say “yummy, delicious, scrumptious”

The dishes were yummy.

It was a delicious meal.

My mom prepared scrumptious dishes yesterday.


19. Very bad

You could instead say “substandard, poor, second-rate, inferior”

His behaviour was substandard.

He has a poor eyesight.

I always feel inferior.

She has a second-rate attitude.


20. Very deep

You could instead say “cavernous, far down”

The valley is cavernous.

The well was dug far down.


21. Very tired

You could instead say “exhausted, worn out, fatigued, weary, overtired, spent, dog-tired, drained”

He looked worn out.

I am drained/fatigued after the sports practice.

I am exhausted after the intense exercise.

When he returned home he was dog-tired.

I am feeling spent.

Her eyes look weary/overtired.


I just loved sharing these essential alternatives with you dear ones..

Enjoy using them in your daily life….

Catch you soon,