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Hey Guys,


The world as having becoming so rapid in many ways….. Learning English has also become so rapid….


Now it is becoming more and more comfortable and easy for many to learn English easier and earlier….


Today I just thought of discussing those fastest ways in which you could be mastering the art of English….



Let’s begin and just move on one by one…


1. First and foremost I would say the best suggestion and advice I would give all English learners who are right out here and to all my dear students that one fastest and prime way to learn English fast is to read anything and everything you get at hand in English….. 


It might either be a newspaper, advertisement, journal, hospital or shop pamphlets, magazines, novels, short stories, simples forms to fill, text books or even dictionary or Thesaurus….. what so ever as long as it is in English……





2. Prepare yourself in a fashion to ask more questions than giving more answers because you are just in the blooming stage or initial stage of learning English…

This is why I would say comparatively it is very much easy to ask questions than to give answers in many cases in my observation…. well this is only my personal opinion…



3. Start picking and reading articles on your most favourite and comfortable topics…. may be novels for that matter in your most favourite area….. this will take you so fast to your goal of learning English….



4. Pick your favourite topic and research on it either on the internet or get written or printed material on it and I must tell you, you will never lose interest in learning that topic and English…. it urges you to learn more and more on that particular topic and 



5. Subscribe to any YouTube Channels which genuinely focus on Learning English and helps you to learn English on afaster pace because once you get yourself subscribed you will get constant notification from the channel motivating to learn more English on a thorough positive speed. 



6. You could also become followers of English teaching blogs like us….. English for women so that you will be constantly connected with English and never lack in your effort or motivation to speak English because once you become followers of a blog you will get reminders regularly teaching you stuff helping you learn English whenever they post any blog post in their blog constantly….. only that you need to pick up the correct and constant good content making blogs strengthening and guiding you with their sincere efforts to make you learn English…. of course absolutely free like ours…..



7. Try if you have the space, freedom and possibility…. to enrol yourselves with any English Speaking or Learning clubs either at your school, college, office zone, apartment or where ever it is possible for you…. dear ones…. This encourages and practically works a lot for you to LEARN ENGLISH fast because it helps you learn English by speaking to real humans….. factually nothing could compensate that…..



8. Audiobooks with interesting stories narrated in ways that you really enjoy like listening to radio or television….. these Audiobooks are the ultimate blessing and best ways to Learn English fast…..



9. Download the best English Learning Apps in your mobile or tablet so that they keep you stay connected with your English learning process all the while… sending you online test papers, offering free classes which you can enjoy attending…….



10. Download English Vocabulary Learning Apps which will thoroughly boost and strengthen your word power thereby making you speed up your English Learning strongly….



11. Listen to STAR TALKS where stars or celebrities in any field who started from nothing in English now that they have acquired great English Speaking skills making them doubly successful in their careers too….. and HOW WAS THEIR JOURNEY TOWARDS IT and what were the tricks or hacks they followed to LEARN ENGLISH FAST and that will definitely boost your confidence motivating you to learn English fast….. and you can just adopt their styles or ENGLISH LEARNING TECHNIQUES TOO to learn English fast…..



12. If possible and interested get the company and warmth of those friends or companions who motivate you and encourage you to learn English fast….. and if they could not only be listeners but good communicators who could speak with you in English I would assure you that would be the best and the fastest way to learn English….



13. Use social media in a positive and effective way, even by forming social media Learning groups and sharing regular English Learning stuff, videos, techniques, material, free test links…. so that you love and enjoy and as a side effect, outcome LEARN ENGLISH THAT FAST AT EASE…..


That’s all for now and I guess that would have been incredible and simple stuff from my side in helping you learn English fast….


Hold your spirits high and Happy Learning,

Catch you soon with more and more regular English stuff…