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10 Face Idioms That Will Change the Way You See the English Language

10 Face Idioms That Will Change the Way You See the English Language

Have you ever thought of mastering English with idioms? If not, let us reveal the hidden secret

Idioms are an essential element of the English language, adding depth to the conversations. They provide a vivid and concise way to express ideas or emotions.

You might have heard these face idioms in your daily routine, but if you don’t know the real purpose, here we’re to clear your doubts.

So, master the 10 idioms with examples to show your proficiency in the language.

1. Be Written All Over One’s Face

One’s emotions or thoughts are visible through facial expressions. Unintentionally, your face reveals your true feelings, even when trying to hide them. It’s a reminder that non-verbal communication is powerful and expresses more than words.


  • Charlie’s excitement was written all over her face when she received the news of her job promotion.
  • Disappointment and frustration were written all over his face after his team lost the championship game.

2. Until You’re Blue In The Face

A situation where someone persists in doing or saying something repeatedly, although efforts might be futile or ineffective. Continuing an action or argument to the point of exhaustion or exasperation.


  • You can argue with him until you’re blue in the face, but he won’t change his opinion.
  • She tried explaining the concept to her friend until she was blue in the face.

3. Fall Flat On Your Face

Attempt to fail to show embarrassing results. Lack of success and abruptness or unexpected nature of the failure.


  • Despite his high hopes, Mark’s attempt to impress the judges with his singing fell flat on his face.
  • The new product launch fell flat on its face due to poor marketing strategy.

4. Face The Firing Squad

Confronting a challenging circumstance involves criticism, judgment, or negative consequences from one’s actions.   


  • John knew he had committed a serious mistake and was prepared to face the firing squad during the meeting.
  • After missing the deadline, Sarah faced the firing squad of disappointed clients.

5. Face The Music

Confront consequences for one’s actions. Accepting the repercussions of your mistakes or irresponsible act, you take the responsibility to face the punishment rather than escape.


  • After skipping classes for a month, he had to face the music and meet the school principal.
  • The athlete knew he had violated the rules. Thus, he was ready to face the music with the sports committee.

6. Face The Facts

Accept or acknowledge the reality of the situation, especially when it’s difficult or unpleasant. It encourages people to speak the truth and deal with honesty rather than denying or ignoring it. 


  • It’s time for him to face the facts and accept that he didn’t get the job.
  • Sarah had to face the facts that her relationship wasn’t working, and it was time to move on.

7. Keep A Straight Face

A composed facial expression in a humorous or challenging situation makes one laugh. A straight face shows professionalism and emotional control.


  • The Comedian’s hilarious performance was so entertaining that it was difficult for the audience to keep a straight face.
  • Even though the situation was incredibly awkward, she kept a straight face to maintain professional behavior.

8. Have Egg On The Face

Feeling embarrassed, humiliated, or foolish due to a public mistake, failure, or blunder.


  • The CEO had an egg on his face when the company’s financial scandal was exposed.
  • The Comedian’s joke didn’t land well, leaving him with an egg on his face as the audience wasn’t interested.

9. Off the Face Of the Earth

Complete mysterious disappearance or absence of someone or something not found or located anywhere. State of being untraceable.


  • After hiking the trip, Mary’s dog was lost and seemed to vanish off the face of the earth, despite extensive searches.
  • A notorious criminal managed to escape and went off the face of the earth, leaving authorities puzzled about his whereabouts.

10. Save Face

Finding a way to maintain one’s dignity or reputation and avoiding humiliation. Taking action to protect one’s image in front of others, minimizing the negative impact of a mistake or setback. 


  • Despite criticism, he saved face by sincerely apologizing to the offended party.
  • The team lost badly but scored a goal in the last few minutes to save face.


Becoming fluent in these English idioms makes you sound like a native. Learn the idioms and escalate your confidence level among proficient speakers.

So, read, learn, and focus on the above idioms to simplify your English learning process.